Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Rating The BOCR Nodes Against Strategic Criteria

  • Strategic criteria are objectives or criteria that the decision making entity needs to always make sure are always served, no matter what decision is being considered. It is somewhat nebulous to directly compare the BOCR against each other with respect to the goal. In some of the models and papers people have done that, but it is probably better to use the rating approach. In fact, in some of the sample models the BOCR were rated in a separate model to establish their priorities, then forced into the BOCR multilevel system by connecting the goal to the BOCR and inputting the derived priorities as data (the Misc Data command in the comparisons mode). In some early versions of the software there was no capability to do the ratings in the same model.
  •  Pairwise comparing the BOCR directly against the Goal has the same weakness that pairwise comparing criteria against the Goal has in a standard AHP model. That is how ANP evolved. You need to look at alternatives to understand what the criteria mean to you.
  •  The Ratings allow you to link the global invariant strategic criteria to the alternatives of this particular decision and you use that to evaluate the importance of the BOCR for that decision. You should be holding in mind the best alternative under Benefits (which you find out by synthesizing the results in the control criteria subnet for benefits after you have made all the judgments) as you rate how it affects in a beneficial way each strategic criterion across the row.

Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Buku Saaty: Decision Making with The ANP (2006)

Modul Training ANP

1.    Konsep Dasar ANP
2.    Beberapa Fitur ANP
3.    Perbedaan ANP dan AHP
4.    Landasan ANP: Resiprokal, Homogenitas, Struktur Hierarki (AHP)
5.    Prinsip Dasar: Dekomposisi, Penilaian Komparasi, Komposisi/Sintesis
6.    Fungsi Utama ANP
7.    Konsistensi dalam ANP
8.    Bentuk-bentuk Jaringan: Holarki, Hierarki, Analisa BCR, Jaringan Umum
9.    Prosedur Mendapatkan Skala Rasio
10. Supermatriks dalam ANP
11. Aplikasi AHP dan ANP
12. Tahapan Penelitian: Konstruksi Model, Kuantifikasi Model, Analisis
13. Menghitung Geometric Mean
14. Rater Agreement
15. Mengenal Super Decision
16. Mengenal Node, Cluster, Connection, etc
17. Menyusun Kuesioner ANP