Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

BOOK: Decision Making with Dependence and Feedback, The Analytic Network Process

This book is a clear example of the importance of rethink the teory and practice of decision making at governmental and enterprise level. It explains in technical and practical form the underlying theory for the systemic analysis of tangible and intangible factors.

In spite of the mathematical rigor that the author unfolds, the form as it quantifies the important inherent tangible elements to the complex situations, the neural basis of judgment in the decision making process and even his bond with the physics, makes of this book a remarkable advance for the decision theory . The decision situations usually involve benefits, costs, opportunities and risks. The ANP is a form to correctly approximate the uncertainty in the decision making process. 

This book presents the method of Analytic Network Process for decision making. This book is the reference book of the ANP but it is a pity that it is written without thinking about the reader. The book has some math in it but what makes it difficult to read is trying to find the topic structuring through the text the author chose to explain those concepts. You have to read and re-read it before grasping the method.
 As someone said this book is useful for validating your own implementation of the method since it has lots and lots of tables in it without helping much to the topic understanding. I better recommend to follow the book by reading this tutorial(...) . It will best settle ideas. 

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