Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

An Analysis of Corporate Sukuk Development: In Indonesia and The United Kingdom: Analytic Network Process Approach

Islamic financial concept-based today has developed quite rapidly. One of the role player is the investments instrument such as sukuk or also known as islamic bonds. Sukuk, particularly corporate sukuk, deemed as a source of interest-free fund that could be utilized by any corporation to enhance their existing economic business scale. In fact, the development of Islamic financial instrument gradually happens not only in the Muslim country but also to a country that does not implement Islamic law entirely. 

As a growing sukuk market, Indonesia and The UK are among countries that have been utilized the benefit of corporate sukuk. Basically this book is trying to portray how the development of corporate sukuk in both these countries. The research shows that academics/experts and practitioners respondents in both countries have relatively similar views on major issues of corporate sukuk development. 

Beside some minor challenges, both two countries have a major similarity particularly lies in the lack of understanding of the corporate sukuk issuers as well as supporting factors. Therefore there should be a concrete and sustainable effort for the stakeholders to tackle this nice issue.

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