Selasa, 10 Desember 2013

Buku Literatur Utama ANP


  • Conflict Resolution: The Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Decision Making for Leaders
  • Fundamentals of Decision Making and Priority Theory With the Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • Prediction, Projection and Forecasting
  • The Logic of Priorities & Analytical Planning: the Organization of Systems
  • The Hierarchon: A Dictionary of Hierarchies 
  • Transportation Decisions with the Analytic Hierarchy Process


  • Decision Making with Dependence and Feedback: The Analytic Network Process
  • Group Decision Making: Drawing Out and Reconciling Differences
  • Principia Mathematica Decernendi
  • Theory and Applications of the Analytic Network Process
  • The Encyclicon: a Dictionary of Applications of Decision Making with Dependence and Feedback based on the Analytic Network Process

Creativity, Mind & the Future

  • Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • The Brain: Unraveling the Mystery of How it Works, The Neural Network Process