Minggu, 03 Agustus 2014


1. Analytical Network Process (ANP) Basic Training  
2. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Basic Training 
3. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Basic Training 
4. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Basic Training  
5. Efficiency Measurement of Islamic Bank Branch  
6. Efficiency Measurement of Islamic Insurance Branch 
7. Efficiency Measurement of Islamic Local Bank (BPD) Branch  
8. Efficiency Measurement of Islamic Rural Bank (BPRS) Branch  
9. Efficiency Measurement of Islamic Leasing/Multifinance Branch   
10. ANP Intermediate Training
11. SEM for Islamic Banking Human Resources Management (HRM) Research
12. SEM for Islamic Banking Marketing Research
13. Product Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (STP) Research
14. Customer Satisfaction Measurement using CSI and IPA Technique
15. Applied Statistic for Marketing Research
16. Business Forecasting Technique
17. Brand Equity Research
18. Marketing Mix Research
19. BOCR-ANP for Strategic Management Research
20. Training Need Analysis (TNA) with ANP
21. Marketing Strategy using BOCR-ANP
22. Two-Stages DEA for Efficiency & Performance Measurement
23. Measuring Islamic Banking Performance using Maqasid Syariah Index-AHP & DEA
24. Feasibility Study of New Branch using DEA-ANP Method
25. Strategic Management using SWOT and ANP-BOCR
26. Marketing Metrics: Tool for Marketing & Business Performance Measurement (exclusive)
27. ANP Advance Training (exclusive)
28. Performance Measurement using ANP-Balanced Scorecard (exclusive)