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1998 SAATY How to Make and Justify A Decision: The Analytic Hierarchy Process
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2001 WEN Formulation of Learning Analytic Network Process
2002 SAATY How to Make A Decision
2003 AZIS Analytic Network Process with Feedbeck Influence: A New Approach to Impact Study
(Ebook) 2003 SAATY The Analytic Hierarchy Process and The Analytic Network Process for Decision Making
2003 BUYUKYAZICI & SUCU The Analytic Hierarchy and Analytic Network Processes
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2003 SAATY & OZDEMIR Why The Magic Number Seven Plus or Minus Two
2003 FEGLAR & LEVY Dynamic ANP: Improving Decision Support for Information and Communication Technology
2003 SAATY Validating The AHP and The ANP with Applications Having Known and Measurable Outcomes
2003 SAATY Time Dependent Decision Making: Dynamic Priorities in AHP/ANP
2003 SATO Questionnaire Design for Survey Research: Employing Weighting Method
2003 GARUTI & SANDOVAL Comparing AHP and ANP Shiftwork Models: Hierarchy Simplicity vs Network Connectivity
2003 GARUTI & SANDOVAL The AHP, A Multicriteria Decision Making Methodology for Shiftwork Prioritization
2004 SAATY Why the Eigenvector is Necessary for Creating Priorities
2004 BUYUKOZKAN ETAL Determining the Importance Weights for the Design Requirements in the House of Quality Using The Fuzzy ANP
2004 NAKAGAWA & SEKITANI A Use of Analytic Network Process for Supply Chain Management
2004 TAJI & SAGAYAMA A Group Analytic Network Process for Incomplete Information
2005 ASCARYA Analytic Network Process (ANP): Pendekatan Baru Studi Kualitatif
2005 HUANG ETAL Multidimensional Data in Multidimensional Scaling Using The Analytic Network Process
2005 SAATY & SAGIR Extending The Measurement of Tangibles to Intangibles
2005 WHITAKER Validation Examples of The Analytic Hierarchy Process and Analytic Network Process
2005 WIJNMALEN Improved “BOCR” Analysis with The AHP/ANP
2005 NISHIZAWA A Method to Speedily Pairwise Compare in AHP and ANP
2005 KINOSHITA Why We Need AHP/ANP Instead of Utility Theory in Todays Complex World
2005 FIALA Analysis of Network Economy by ANP/DNP (Dynamic Network Process)
2005 SAATY & VARGAS Dispersion of Group Judgements

2006 BAYAZIT A New Methodology in Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Systems: Analytic Network Process and An Application
2006 SAATY & TRAN On The Invalidity of Fuzzifying Numerical Judgements in The Analytic Hierarchy Process
2006 SAATY There Is No Mathematical Validity for Using Fuzzy Number Crunching in The Analytic Hierarchy Process
(Ebook) 2006 SAATY & VARGAS Decision Making with Analytic Network Process: Economic, Political, Social and Technological Applications with Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks
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2006 OZTURK A Review of Multicriteria Decision Making with Dependency between Criteria
2006 SAATY Validating the Analytic Hierarchy/Network Process
2007 DAGDEVIREN & YUKSEL Personnel Selection Using Analytic Network Process
2007 WEDLEY AHP/ANP: Where is Natural Zero?
2007 FERRANDO ETAL Automatic Building Questionnaires Software for Superdecision Models
2007 WIJNMALEN On Getting Meaningful BOCR Results with ANP Super Decision Software
2007 SALOMON & SHIMIZU Dependence Analysis and Reduction on The Number of Judgements Applied to an IT Decision Problem with The Analytic Network Process
2007 FIALA Using Analytic Network Process Model in Combinatorial Auctions
2007 CILLO Cardinal Preference and Structure in Decision Making
2007 HUANG & TZENG A Constrained Fuzzy Arithmetic Method for the Fuzzy Analytic Network Process
2007 SAATY Decisions, Structure and Judgement, and Natural Law
2007 COSTA Usage of Genetic Algorithms to Deal with Inconsistency Problem in Analytic Hierarchy Process
2007 SLYEPTSOV & SODENKAMP Decision Making by Method of Key Success Factors Discrimination: KEY ANP
2007 OSUNA & ARANDA Combining SWOT and AHP Technique for Strategic Planning
2007 RAISINGHANI ETAL Strategic e-Business Decision Analysis Using The Analytic Network Process
2007 OSAWA & SHINOHARA Benefit/Cost AHP Optimized Over Sample set of Pairwise Comparison Judgements
2007 SHINOHARA & OSAWA Consistency Measure for the Whole AHP Decision Making Hierarchy
2008 SAATY, VARGAS & WHITAKER Addressing with Brevity Criticism of the Analytic Hierarchy Process
2008 SAATY & TRAN Fuzzy Judgements and Fuzzy Sets
2008 HUANG A Matrix Method for the Fuzzy Analytic Network Process
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2008 SAATY A Multicriteria Decision of Measuring Intangibles
2008 WEI & CHANG ANP-Based Model for Selecting an Optimal Product Design Solution with Zero-One Goal Programming
2008 SAATY The Analytic Network Process
2008 SAATY Decision Making with The Analytic Hierarchy Process
2008 CHOO & WEDLEY Effectiveness Analysis of Deriving Priority Vectors from Reciprocal Pairwise Comparison Matrices

2009 COX Multidimensional Scaling as an Aid for The Analytic Network Process and Analytic Hierarchy Process
2009 BRUNO ETAL The Analytic Hierarchy Process in The Supplier Selection Problem
2009 IIDA Ordinality Consistency Test About Items and Notation of A Pairwise Comparison Matrix in AHP
2009 KADENKO Experience-Based Decision Support Methods Using Ordinal Expert Estimates
2009 KALLAS ETAL Analytical Hierarchy Process versus The Choice Experiments: A Stated Preference Analysis
2009 LIPOVETSKY Comparison of A Dozen AHP Techniques for Global Vectors in Multiperson Decision Making and Complex Hierarchy
2009 MATURO & CONTINI Application of The Analytic Hierarchy Process to The Sociological Analysis
2009 MATURO & VENTRE An Application of The Analytic Hierarchy Process to Enhancing Consensus in Multiagent Decision Making
2009 DECKER An Empirical Comparisons of CBC and AHP for Measuring Consumer Preferences
2009 MLS & GAVALEC Multicriteria Models in Autonomous Decision Making Systems
2009 MOGI & SHINOHARA Optimum Priority Weight Estimation Method for Pairwise Comparison Matrix
2009 OHYA & KINOSHITA The Geometric Mean Concurrent Convergence Method
2009 OZAKI ETAL Dissolution of The Dillema or Circulation Problem using The Analytic Network Process
2009 OZTAYSI & UCAL Comparing MADM Techniques for Use in Performance Measurement
2009 SAATY & VARGAS The Possibility of Group Choice: Pairwise Comparisons and Merging Functions
2009 SAATY A Mathematical Framework for A Unified Understanding of Mind and Matter: The Analytic Network Process and Its Generalization
2009 SATO How to Design a Survey Questionnaire by Employing a Weighting Method
2009 SURYADI & SETYANTA Equipment Criticality Model Based on AHP
2009 TSYGANOK AHP/ANP Stability Measurement and Its Applications
2009 SOLMS Homogeneity and Choice Aggregation in The Analytic Hierarchy Process
2009 WEDLEY Fewer Comparisons: Efficiency via Sufficient Redundancy
2009 WU & CUI Evaluative Criteria for Aggregation Rules in AHP
2009 ISHIZAKA & LABIB Analytic Hierarchy Process and Expert Choice: Benefits and Limitations

2010 SAGHAEI & DIDEHKHANI Application of Analytic Network Process in Selection of Six-Sigma Projects
2010 DAGDEVIREN & YUKSEL A Fuzzy ANP model for Measurement of The Sectoral Competition Level (SCL)
2010 LEE The AHP and ANP in Multicriteria Decision Making: Performance Evaluation and Selecting KPI Based on ANP Model
2010 PANGERAN & PRIBADI Conceptual Model of ANP for Prioritizing Risk in a PPP Infrastructure Project
2011 NIK ETAL A Combined Fuzzy ANP and Fuzzy-TOPSIS Model for Project Risk Assessment
2011 TAJADOD ETAL A Combined Method Based on Fuzzy ANP and Fuzzy DEA for Maintenance Strategy Selection
2011 ASAN ETAL Alternative Methods for Calculating The Fuzzy Limit Matrix in The Analytic Network Process
2012 GORENER Comparing AHP and ANP: An Application of Strategic Decisions Making in a Manufacturing Company
2012 HOJATI ETAL Prioritization of Service Quality Dimension and Performance Indicators Using ANP with the Approach of Balanced Score Card
2012 ALMULHIM Prioritization Method in the Fuzzy Analytic Network Process by Fuzzy Preference Programming Method
2013 PROMENTILLA ETAL Interdependent Ranking of Sources and Sinks in CCS Systems using Analytic Network Process
2013 SHOJAEI ETAL Using Analytic Network Process (ANP) Method to Prioritize Strategies Resulted from SWOT Matrix
2013 PARTANI ETAL Using Fuzzy ANP in a SWOT Analysis
2013 YASMIN ETAL Fuzzy Theory Concept Applied in Analytic Network Process
2013 OZDEMIR Integrating Analytic Network Process and Data Envelopment Analysis for Efficiency Measurement of Turkish Commercial Banks
2013 KHAMSEH A Fuzzy ANP for SWOT Analysis
[Ebook] 2013 SAATY & VARGAS Decision Making with Analytic Network Process: Economic, Political, Social and Technological Applications with Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks (2nd Edition)
[Ebook] 2013 RUSYDIANA & DEVI Analytic Network Process: Pengantar Teori dan Aplikasi

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